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FAQ about Berries

What kind of berries do you grow?

We have 9 different varieties (11 acres) of blueberries which all ripen at different times during the season. Each variety has its own unique flavor. Our earliest variety "The Spartans" are said to be some of the biggest and sweetest blueberries in all of the Tri-State area!

When does blueberry season start?

Our blueberry season generally starts the first week in July and lasts through mid to late September. 

Which ones do I pick?

When finding fresh blueberries look for firm, plump and dry berries with smooth skins and a silvery sheen. Size does NOT matter but color does :) reddish berries are not ripe however are GREAT for cooking! Avoid soft or shriveled fruit, or any signs of mold. Containers with juice stains indicate that the fruit may be bruised.

How do I store my berries?

Refrigerate fresh blueberries as soon as you get home and keep in their original plastic pack, a covered bowl or storage container. Do not wash berries until just before use then use within 10 days of purchase.

Can I freeze the berries for later use?

Absolutely! The secret to freezing is to use berries that are unwashed and completely dry. Discard berries that look bruised or shriveled. Keep the berries in the original plastic pack and place in a resealable plastic bag or transfer berries to freezer containers or resealable freezer bags. The berries will freeze individually and you can remove just the portion you need. Remember to rinse them before using!

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